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Some thoughts about DSNLU

So, you’ve studied for CLAT. Cracked CLAT. Got into one of the NLUs they have on their site. Great.

Did you know there are two more NLUs worthy of this status, and most people don’t know about them? Well, I’m talking to DSNLU and TNNLS (Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University and Tamil Nadu National Law School respectively).

Look the thing is, I’ve been hearing a lot that the lower tier NLUs aren’t even worth going to study to. So, the main objective of this post to clear some stuff out.

I’ve got into DSNLU this time. My CLAT rank was 1919. And I have a nice batch of people with me. One of the most talented lots I’ve been with. Now, I hear them saying they’ll leave and join some other NLU (like CNLU, NLUO, HNLU etc) because this isn’t worth it. Why? Some say it’s not there in the CLAT committee. Some say the placements will not be good. And yes, I have a different opinion. I have something to say.

A brief history: I’ve been suffering from pancreatitis since the last two and a half years. I was in hospital and ICU all the time. Mostly on ventilation. So I’m glad I’m alive. And yes, I’ve had a stent placement right just a week before CLAT. And well, I started studying just a week days before that stent placement (I studied for engineering). So, basically I got no time to study for such a tough exam. But yeah, I could have done better to make my parents happier. I just guess, things are seldom as you expect.

First up, the story of me and CLAT. I’m basically a computer guy, not a law guy. I spend more time doing things with C++ and circuits than I study law books. So, why law you would ask, I guess. Well, frankly, I don’t know clearly. I’d get into NITs but I didn’t think that was my field to pursue a career in. Engineering is so limited in its field that engineers know nothing else than their particular stream. The software guys don’t know the process of silicon casting with caustic soda (My experience with an IIT Grad), and the electronics guys can’t do any mechanical stuff, and so on. So law gives me the chance to study everything as a whole. And trust me, I’m loving my course.

Secondly, there’s something called interest. Yes, I know I was interested in computers, but that was until I was exposed to the legal stuff. I cannot spend my day happily if I know I couldn’t be of use to someone today. What is the point of living for your own selfish needs if you don’t care about anyone else, if someone’s life in the world is not better because of you? Most people study higher education to earn. Not to learn. That’s the sad part. Engineering can give you money, surely. But so can everything else. Even studying fine arts will fetch you money. Which is where the third point comes in.

The third thing is, you’re on your own baby. Yes, no matter which college you study from, it all depends upon you. What the college can do at most for you is provide a chance to grow, to learn, to research, to encourage you to study. Sure there’s something called a brand name, but if you’re not that kind of guy who’s passionate about the stream you chose, you’re not going far (exceptions are always there). So, yes, most people in India study engineering/law/medical for the ultimate goal of earning money. Which is wrong. VERY wrong. Yes, so referring to my second point, interest, that’s what you need to have in what you’re studying. If you don’t, then may God bless you. Studying law makes you the guardians of justice. Please make sure you understand what responsibilities that comes with. If India is a backward country, their people are too blame too. Because, I repeat, they want to earn, and not learn.

Coming to talk about DSNLU, I’ve done two weeks of classes here. I know I can’t judge much. But I’ve had a lot of interaction with all the people here. I can proudly say I have the best seniors ever and the best teachers ever. Yes, they should take all the credit for my love for this college.

First up, the seniors. Would it be enough to make your mind have an idea of how good they are if I said they provide me with their numbers on Facebook® days before the counselling took place so as to speak to our parents and clear our doubts about everything? Yes, that’s what they did. My dad spoke to a second year guy, Aditya Shrivastava, for almost an hour to be sure he was putting his son in the right hands. After the call, his reply to the family was, “Done. He’s going to DSNLU”. Yes, that’s how impressive they are. They’re one of the best. Nah, THE best. Both academically and as a human being. They always have a helping hand ready whenever we need something. They insisted on not calling them sir, because they’re not worthy of it. Yes, they said that. I take this moment to give a salute to them from my heart for being the best seniors ever on the face of Earth.

Next comes the teachers, well, in our Legal Methods class we’ve basically had every teacher in the college teaching us their field of specialization. I guess that’s not done in most places. All I can say is that they’re the teachers I wished for. They insisting on understanding things instead of merely copying stuff and mugging them up. And our VC, well, here’s an example: One day our history teacher was teaching us History and he comes into the class, fixes some spellings on the PowerPoint slide there. Sits. Listens to his lecture. Asks us, “Why should we study history? What is it’s relation with law?” and such stuff. He took the class to explain to us why we should keep our own thinking, our individuality and learn from each other. He still admits he has a lot to learn and he can learn from us. Now THAT is how teachers should be. And as human beings, well, they can’t be better. And now I take this moment to salute them too for being the best teachers I’ve ever had.

So, that’s what our university can give us. We couldn’t ask for more. But there are some things a student must do too. Instead of sitting and complaining “We won’t get placements!” why don’t YOU change the face of DSNLU? Why don’t YOU prove yourself wrong? Well, academic excellence brings with it its own benefits, and I can surely say, our seniors showed us that. Their internships and CVs show so. So, good or bad, let us stop complaining about things and be the change ourselves and strive for excellence because we are definitely the heroes of the future in the making.

-Debadatta Bose,
Student, Semester I, DSNLU

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