Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So, what's up with me and Vizag?

There’s been enough of study stuff here. How about something else now?

How about I tell you about my experience staying away from home, how things are here for me in Vizag, how my friend circle is, and how I’m keeping up with everything? Will that be a slight off the track post here?

Well, firstly I apologize for not being able to write more frequently. Law school gives me opportunities to do a lot of things, and I try to do them all. So, I’ve been very busy lately.

Okay, without further talk, let’s dive into the world I’ve created here. Yes, mark my words – ‘I. Have. Created.” I chose what I wanted to be. I chose what I would do. I chose who I’ll talk to. I chose who I’d give priority to. I chose what I would do with my life. Circumstances and influence have a very less role in my life. I live in a world I create and mould to my liking – no matter what the rest of the world throws at me.
Well, that might seem pretty weird to you. Well, maybe because I actually am weird; definitely not ordinary. I do what I want to do, and no one can do anything about it. No one.

Enough with the weird stuff, let’s proceed, we’re almost there at the gates. Just before you enter, let me guide you to where you’re going. This is the world of a boy who was very passionate about science and technology, who loved his family very much, who was inseparable from his family and seldom got out of the house out of the grasp of his mom and dad. And yes, the boy who was in hospital for two years facing death before him; the boy who can never have food people like to have, that is, no chocolate, no pizza, no cakes – I can only see other people eating. Haha. Sometimes I feel sad but I’m used to it. Only fat free food for me, that is, stuff without oil and butter.

Now, welcome, dear friend to my life in Visakhapatnam. You might wonder how I survive after what I’ve written above. Well, the thing is, I do get my food here in South India. What a relief for me.

Food done. Next up – the city. Well, this place is simply beautiful. Being from Kolkata, a metropolitan city and living in the heart of the metropolitan centre, I don’t really appreciate the amount of infrastructural development and maintenance here, but the natural beauty found here surpasses that of any other city I’ve been to in India. From my hostel room I can see the cloud-embraced mountains just a few kilometres away and the beach is at walking distance for me just go, sit, watch and listen to nature. The beach is a nice place to sit when you’re down or you need a break – pretty calm and quiet. Oh, and Vizag has three beaches – Tenneti, RushiKonda and RamaKrishna. I’m talking about Tenneti. RushiKonda is nice but RamaKrishna beach is dangerous. Going down on the waters there is suicide. The people here are probably the most helpful ones I’ll ever see. That is why I have so high hopes about Andhra Pradesh. Oh, and yes, there’s cow shit everywhere. Not good man, not good.

Enough about the city, now about how I live my life here. My life begins and ends with college here – friends, studies, professors are amazing and it is worth every moment spent with them. I have a very limited circle of friends. I create my world. Remember? And my friends are my world. Their pain, their happiness are inseparable from me. And the group I made here is amazing. I can pretty much say I don’t need anything more in the world. And that is pretty much one of the main reasons I did not go to HNLU after I became settled here. I loved this place. I loved my friends. I loved the professors. I loved everything here. And yes, my company might not be what you’d wish for in life, but my circle of people enjoys it – and that’s what probably keeps us together. I look forward to meeting them everyday. So yes, this whole thing is dedicated to all the people who matter out here. Who’ve been there for me every time everywhere I needed them to. I won’t mention any names here. Those who matter already know, and those who don’t will be disappointed. True but harsh fact.

So, well, staying away from home is hard. But I can say I’ve never had that homesickness ever, even being a boy who never thought of living without parents. Because when I go home, I miss the atmosphere here, and miss my friends like one misses their family. Quality over quantity anyday.

I’ll stop this here because I know you’ve been straining your eyes a lot to read this and I won’t add to your uncomfortableness. So, well, that’s my life here without parents and the care of home. But I can say from my heart I’m happy. Really happy. :)

-Debadatta Bose,
Semester I, DSNLU


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