Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A reflection on 2013


A year.

A part of life.

Everything changed.

This year has brought to me many things – some good and some bad. As I sit here in my room, reminiscent of the events in the year, I realize I have no regrets, no complaints - only happiness. Sheer happiness is what ignites in my heart and consumes me as the sweet memories remind me of how life has been kind enough to give me something special everyday.

At a glance, the main events would be giving my boards (finally!), switching to law, making an amazing bff and some special people in my life, and the trips to Bhubaneswar!

Well, enough about the past! Who wants so much of historical stuff anyway? Well, as the new year inches closer, with people taking new year resolutions to become slim, to study hard and stuff, I had no resolution to take. Until now. My new year resolution is to strive for a better world, a world where you can live happily, and I shall contribute in my own way to the goal. To let 'you the people' live, and be loved. Not hated. Never ever. I do not wish for obligatory respect, but for respect that comes from the heart, I wish to point at any man and be able to say, “Yes! I could make him happy!”, and that is when I shall rest in peace.

That, fellows, is the first glance at the world through the eyes of a commoner. A vision of an ordinary man.

Let's expect something new.

Happy New Year 2014.

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