Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oh, women's day!

First up, sorry for the late post. Been really really busy lately. Still am, actually. But whatever, a special day demands a special post, right?

So, umm, special day isn't necessarily some personal memory revival day or history creation day. For the time being, it is just another day with a fancy name. And today the name is, "Women's Day".

The United Nations themed it this time as "Equality for women is progress for all". How cool is that?

But well, not so cool. Not unless things are done, at least.

What we have in India is definitely a social pathology that has arisen out of the confluence of eastern and western cultures. On one hand, we see that India is one of the countries where women are treated equally more than any other country in some spheres, and on the same time, same place we see that this one of the most insecure countries for them to live in.

So, well, on this women's day let's pledge to fight for the cause. To give way to progress and development of humans - men and women alike. For it is after all a woman for whom you walk the Earth.


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