Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Well, hello again. This time I'll tell you something about a recent opportunity you will have.

Well, India welcomed the General Elections yesterday, a thing that comes every five years - a rare opportunity indeed. But opportunity for what? To shape India the way YOU like.

Well, yes indeed. Now everyone has different opinions on what India should be. You might, just for an example, say FDI in retail is a very good thing for India, while your neighbour might thoroughly dislike the idea. That's where the "greatest happiness of the greatest number" comes into play. The more the people that are happy, the more successful the government.

So, in order to make your opinion count, please vote. And now, by voting I do not mean choosing 'None Of The Above', for that is then equivalent to not voting. In the First-Past-The-Post system of voting we have, someone will win, irrespective of you voting or not. So, do not let others opinion be shoved down your throat. Make your vote count - because one vote really does count. Not voting, or choosing NOTA will be a sad day for democracy - for democracy is formed by the people, for the people, of the people.

The right to vote and choose your representative is a legal right and is the most crucial tool for democracy. Choose wisely. Yes, that brings me to another point. 'Choose', not 'vote'. Don't just go and randomly press a button because you had to. Analyze all the available choices you have, see whose philosophy fits you the best, and then choose that candidate. I have been seeing most of the people are unaware as to the politicians of their constituency are considered. The folks at MyNeta have put up a pretty good service of information about the politicians. Just log onto www.myneta.info or SMS MYNETA and then your pincode after a single space to 56070 (this SMS will cost you though) to know the politician's names, criminal cases if any, and their educational qualifications. You may also dial *325*35# which is free but provides merely the names.

I came across this handy piece of information and thought I would share it with you guys.
So, yes, choose wisely - make your vote count. You yourself are India after all - every citizen is what India is. Jai Hind!

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