Saturday, 10 May 2014

You are India; India is you.

Today, I talk about politics. I don’t have much to say, as you are already into the elections and might have pretty well done your research on the topic.

But, I am here to tell you about what you should do after the phase of the elections are over. No, I won’t really lecture you on anything here. I am just here to remind you, that, every politician in the country is you. Yes, you.

I made quite a philosophical statement there, it seems. But well, in the literal sense it actually is you. Your vote brought him there – to the parliament, to do what? To serve you; to make the nation a beautiful place; to transcend the necessity of personal gain for setting new limits to development.

Well, enough with those. Now, well, why you? That’s because the person you vote is your spokesperson to the government, and his decision forms the policies of the government. Well, by his decisions, we mean the decisions of the ‘people’. People wanted him to be the guiding light – a man of utmost virtue, trust and moral character. But, things are easier said than done, and I’ll tell you why.

When you vote for, suppose, Mr. Android Robot, you vote him for a purpose, for let’s say, he promises to give Robotabad new and better roads. Now when Robotabad does not get new roads after his government is formed, you can NOT sue him for breach of trust, or, well, at least it hasn’t ever happened before.
Every person in the parliament represents the views of their electors, and if not, they are in the literal sense breaching your trust. And you know the best part? You cannot even know what they are representing for most of it is confidential. Now, that raises a separate issue of transparency which we shall cover some other day when I have the feeling of ‘Information should be Free’.

So, now what? Now, as you see the new government being created, don’t just sit back and relax watching the TV criticizing the politicians, they’re you, like literally. So, after you have voted, your work is far from over. India will create history, and so will you. At least, now I hope so. 


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