Sunday, 1 June 2014

Supreme Court and the love!

So, well, hello. Today, I'll tell you about my internship. Pretty straightforward. This time, in May, I interned under Mr. Saurabh Ajay Gupta, Additional Advocate General of Punjab who was also an Advocate-on-Record in the Supreme Court of India. Well, in the very first post of my blog, I had told you, my readers, that I do really have a critical health crisis and I was very skeptical about what living in Delhi for a month would be like, and to top it all, Delhi was roasting anyone and everyone who went out in the sun.

Well, I reached one day before and had gone to his chambers to have a look. I was completely unaware of the Supreme Court geography and I didn't want to be late on the first day of work. So, I found his chamber after a lot of searching, and his PA was there. We spoke to him briefly and he was as co-operative as ever. The greeting itself eased my tension and fear to a great extent. Next day, when I came, I was more than glad with whom I was interning under. Sweet, charming and polite are words inadequate to describe him! The first case I got to read was the Asharam Bapu case. Well, yeah, here I forgot to mention, his Senior is Ram Jethmalani, so he's the one usually handling all the Criminal Cases; apart from all the Punjab cases he handled within the scope of the Additional Advocate General. He had quality work to give me, and the environment was as chilled out as it could be. There were no fixed timings though, but that is not a negative point, it is indeed a plus point trust me! Every single day I used to wake up looking forward to see him. Yes, he had that effect on me. He was more like a big brother than a boss - any mistake and we're not scolded, but instead made to understand every mistake and the measures of rectification. He literally taught us everything - from how to dress up to the skill of arguing before a judge. This internship had implications reaching far beyond the scope of academics - this was all about love and affection towards the profession of litigation. Now, when I write this, I am the most unhappy person in the planet to have left his office after a month - there was something that drew me closer to him. The Supreme Court culture and his office were a part of life I would never forget - those are things I will always miss. And he made me love litigation as a career. Now it would be very difficult to lure me into a corporate career.

For the first time, I was unhappy to come home.


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